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Gracefully Shutting Down Java in Containers

Gracefulness is not only an admirable human quality: It is also a must-have for any application program, especially when it is heaving the burden of mission-critical domains. UltraESB has had a good history of maintaining gracefulness throughout its...

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A Service Mesh For Kubernetes Part XI: Egress

In previous posts in this series, we’ve demonstrated how Linkerd can act as an& ingress& to a Kubernetes cluster, handling all requests coming from outside of the cluster and sending them to the appropriate Kubernetes services. In this post we’ll exp...

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Creating a Gossip-Based Kubernetes Cluster on AWS

Creating a Kubernetes cluster using Kops& requires& a top-level domain or a subdomain and setting up Route 53-hosted zones. This domain& allows the& worker nodes to& discover the master and the master to& discover all the etcd servers. This is also n...