Industrial Exploration: To Boldly Go


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Before companies decide about moving to the Industrial Internet, they first need to be clear on what it is. They need to understand that it is more than just the cloud. Instead, it is an entire ecosystem — of end users, partners, industrial assets, sensors, connectivity mechanisms, and more — that works together to collect and send data from sensors and controllers and other embedded devices sitting in an OT environment at a remote site all the way to the cloud.

With an understanding of this edge-to-cloud concept, the search can begin for the right Industrial Internet platform. Fortunately, there are resources available to help a company get started, including the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). A non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the use of best practices for securing cloud computing environments, CSA offers an entire framework on how to adopt the cloud, including objective guidance on cloud standards, certifications, training, and more. With such heavy scrutiny around cloud adoption, it’s important for organizations to have a place to go for advice on how to assess public clouds against industry-established security best practices and learn what “tough” questions they should be asking providers.