Creating Augmented Reality and IoT Experiences With Thingworx


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Augmented reality wearables have yet to prove themselves in the consumer space. Hyped devices have risen, and fallen, newer more powerful devices are yet to arrive in retail outlets, and a handful of games aside, consumers are yet to see the point. It’s different in the industrial space, where there are dozens of devices used daily by thousands around the globe, often connected to, and supplemented by data from IoT devices. Businesses use them to debug machine problems, train staff, record important metrics and more.

There are a handful of platforms and SaaS products for crafting these experiences, and I first encountered Thingworx while researching methods of creating documentation beyond pure text. They are highly effective for communicating best practices usage for complex hardware and enable trainers to involve interactive video, instant feedback and live data into a learning process. The Thingworx platform isn’t purely for education, but also for long-term control, monitoring, and analysis of machinery and data.