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The End of Net Neutrality, but Maybe Not the World

Okay, so this series is very U.S. centric, but it may apply to you in the future even if you're not there, so you might want to keep reading. Over the past few weeks, the debate of net neutrality has intensified as the FCC has moved to end these poli...

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An Introduction to Hybrid Multi-Cloud Architectures

When organizations decide to shift their workloads, data and processes across multiple on-premises, hosted, private, and public cloud services, there will be a need for a new approach. This new approach leads to hybrid multi-cloud cloud management. B...

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Regaining Access to Azure VMs With Expired Passwords

Lately I’ve been doing some experiments with Active Directory and, of course, I’m running my lab environment in Azure. It works great, until after 42 days. That's when the password of the one and only user account (mine) in the domain expires. Azure...

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Azure WebJobs vs. Azure Functions

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Azure ARM Templates vs. C# vs. CLI (Part 1)

Azure ARM templates allow you to automate your environment setups. But with a cost. Dealing with the long JSON-files is hard, even though there are visualizers like ARMVIZ available. What can we do? In this series, I’ll explore the options for autom...

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A Development Workflow for Kubernetes Services

A basic development workflow for Kubernetes services lets a developer write some code, commit it, and get it running on Kubernetes. It’s also important that your development environment be as similar as possible to production, since having two differ...

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Everything You Need to Know About Smart AI Chips

The future of artificial intelligence is here. From smart home thermostats that adjust themselves according to historical weather trends and future predictions to smartphone apps that provide relevant shopping recommendations based on your purchase h...

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Custom Azure RBAC Roles

Role Based Access Control is& Azure’s method for setting permissions on resources to control who can manage and administer them. Each type of Azure resource has a number of permissions that can be set on it, and these permissions can be grouped into...

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Presenting Azure vs. Working With Azure

I have a real infatuation with Azure. I’m especially interested in the Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings in and around the Data Platform. I truly believe that these are the subversive elements that are going to change how a lot of us get our job...