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IoT / IoT - 1 year ago

5 Rules for Manufacturers in Securing the Internet of Things

I bought a new car this past weekend, and it’s absolutely amazing how much technology, computer systems, and even Internet connectivity exists within the car. It’s not just my car, but all cars, are looking more like computerized spaceships...

IoT / IoT - 1 year ago

Jibestream Named One of the Fastest Growing IoT Companies

Jibestream announced today it has been named among the 30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies for 2016. Improving efficiency, productivity and engagement for clients globally; Jibestream is the world’s premier indoor mapping platform. Acting as a dig...

IoT / IoT - 1 year ago

OPPLE Lighting Partners With Huawei on Smart Home

OPPLE LIGHTING, China’s leading lighting brand, has lately signed up Smart Home Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Huawei, the global leader of telecommunication equipment suppliers and smart phone manufacturers. By establishing smart home system w...