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Data Science / Data Science - 3 months ago

Data Science Survey: The Results Are In!

Last week we ran a Data Science survey asking four simple questions to our community. In this post, I’ll show you the results of our survey and provide you with a Jupyter notebook; just in case you want to play with the data yourself...

Data Science / Data Science - 3 months ago

What Does Big Data Mean for HR?

Click to learn more about author Daisy Ridley. Technology is transforming the jobs that we do today. The way the organizations create jobs is increasing the speed and transparency but all of that is creating a lot of data. We are talking abou...

Data Science / Data Science - 3 months ago

Onboarding to Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Enterprise Knowledge Graph vendors are working hard to find their place in the heart of businesses, helping them do more with and get more out of their mountains of data. Recently, for example, Stardog has adopted its leading Knowledge Graph...