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Big Data / Big Data - 2 years ago

The top 12 Apache Hadoop challenges

Hadoop is a large-scale distributed batch processing infrastructure. While it can be used on a single machine, its true power lies in its ability to scale to hundreds or thousands of computers, each with several processor cores. Hadoop is also design...

Big Data / Big Data - 2018 years ago

The 4 Types of Data Analytics

This article was written by Thomas Maydon. Maydon is the Head of Credit Solutions at Principa and has primarily been involved in consulting, analytics, credit bureau and predictive modeling services. Simplistically, analytics can be divided into fou...

Big Data / Big Data - 2018 years ago

When not to use deep learning

Guest blog by Pablo Cordero. Pablo is currently a postdoc at UCSC’s systems biology group, doing applied machine learning research in the context of cell biology and regenerative medicine, particularly looking at single-cell measurements. He is also...