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Big Data / Big Data - 2 months ago

Could Social Media Data Streamline the Census?

The census is one of those institutions that, while undoubtedly valuable, seems to be stuck in& a bygone era. While there is significant potential for a real-time census to be conducted when you have something like the e-residency program implement...

Big Data / Big Data - 2 months ago

Quick Start With Apache Livy

Apache Livy is a project currently in the process of being incubated by the Apache Software Foundation. It is a service to interact with Apache Spark through a REST interface. It enables both submissions of Spark jobs or snippets of Spark code. The f...

Big Data / Big Data - 2 months ago

USF Data Institute: Postdoc

Seeking recently graduated doctoral students (0-4 years from completing their Ph.D.) from STEM fields who are interested in postdoctoral training and a career in either industry or academia.